Freight all kinds.


Free alongside vessel at named port.


A forty-foot equivalent unit, or 40' day cargo container.


False Billing

Describing freight on shipping documents so as to misrepresent the actual contents.

Foreign Trade Zones

Ports designated by the government of a country for the duty-free entry of non prohibited goods.

Foul Bill of Lading

A bill of lading issued with a notation of shortage or damage at time of pickup.


A shipment discovered out of route and moving it to correct destination. 

Free On Board (F.O.B.)

Usually indicates place where ownership is passed from seller to buyer

Free Time

The period freight will be held before detention charges are assessed.

Freight Charge

Payment due for freight transportation.

Gross Ton

2,240 pounds.  More commonly called a long ton.

Gross Weight

The weight of an article together with the weight of its container and the material used in packing.

Heater Service

Protection by heat of freight that would be damaged by freezing.

Hot Shot or Hot Load

Emergency shipment of cargo needed in a hurry.