Glossary C


The freight carried by a vehicle


An individual, partnership or corporation engaged in the business of transporting goods or persons.


Hauling between locations in the same metropolitan area


a demand made upon a transportation line for payment on account of loss or damage alleged to have occurred while shipment was in possession of carrier, or a demand upon a transportation company for refund of an overcharge


Person or company filing a claim

Class Rate

A rate (usually stated on a per hundred weight basis) that will apply on all commodities as assigned a rating by the classification.

Class Tariff

A published schedule of rates that contains only class rates.


A publication assigning ratings to commodities for freight movement.

Classification Rating

The result of a rating provided by the classification; the rating will be stated as a percentage to the first class (class 100) rating.


Container on flat car.

Common Carrier

A transportation business that offers service to the general public licensed by the Federal Highway Administration.

Concealed Damage

A damage to the contents of a package that is apparently in good condition externally.

Concealed Loss

Loss that cannot be determined until the package is opened.

Connecting Carrier

A carrier that has a direct physical connection with another for interchange of cargo.


To send or address goods to another.


The receiver of shipments.

Consignee Marks

Identification symbols placed on packages.  They usually are a square, triangle, diamond, circle or cross with letters and/or numbers.  They generally are used for export.


A shipment.


The shipper of articles


Combining LTL shipments to make a volume shipment to obtain lower freight cost.


Anything in which articles are packed, or a truck or trailer body provided with means for ready removal from and attachment to a vehicle

Contract Carrier

A company that engages in for-hire transportation of property under individual contract or agreement with one or a limited number of shippers.

Convenience Interline

When a motor carrier elects to interline a shipment with another carrier for their own convenience.