Glossary A

Accessorial Service

A service rendered by a carrier in addition to the line haul transportation service, such as stopping in transit tocomplete loading or to partially unload, inside delivery, redelivery, etc.

Act of God

Natural accidents beyond man's control; i.e., floods, tornadoes, etc.

Ad Valorem

According to value.  Refers to taxes on property.

Advance Charge

Any charge other than the applicable freight charges advanced by one transportation line to another, or to the shipper, to be collected from the consignee.


One who is authorized by the principal to make contracts with third parties on behalf of the principal. 

Agreed Valuation

A value of a shipment agreed upon in order to receive specific rate or liability considerations

Agreed Weight

An agreement prescribing a weight for a specific commodity in a specific package.

Alternative Rate

Two or more rates from and to the same points, on the same goods, with authority to use the one that produces the lowest charge.


Unclear.  Capable of two or more interpretations


A change or correction.

American Trucking Association, Inc. (ATA)

A national federation of fifty independent and autonomous state trucking associations, each representing all classes and types of truck operation, and twelve independent and autonomous conferences, each of which represents a special class or type of truck operation.

Analogous Articles

An article not found in a freight classification but having similar characteristics to one in the classification

Any-Quantity Rate

A rate applicable to an article regardless of weight to be transported


A fixed amount added to the line haul rate for shipments going to another destination where transportation difficulties are encountered.

Arrival Notice

A notice of the arrival of freight

Astray Freight

Freight that is separated from the regular carrier billing

Audit of Freight Bills

The process of verifying the correctness of the transportation charges shown on the carrier's freight bill

Axle Weight

Amount of weight transmitted to the highway by one axle.